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Therapeutic Grade Lavender

Experience the purity of cleaning with all natural, eco friendly ingredients

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Concentrated Pod

A ferocious burst of cleaning power. Drop them in your toilet bowl, sink or tub (think: cleansing bath bomb)


Sprinkle directly on the surface that you want to clean. Dilute with water and scrub with a rag

Classic Spray

Mix the very ingredients you would otherwise buy in a pre-made spray bottle filled with water & cleaning agents

California Wildfire Relief đź’§

Planet Pods will donate 10% of total purchases to California Wildfire relief funds.

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All-natural scents for all cleaning purposes

Breathe deeply knowing your cleaner is made from all-natural plant oils. Choose the scent that fits you best: Lavender 🌱 Lemon  🍋 or Eucalyptus 🌿

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Compostable Pods & Packaging 📦

Recycling isn't enough. Replace plastic and chlorine with kraft packaging and non-toxic compounds. Remove filler ingredients (i.e. water) to cut down on frequency in shipment and carbon emissions.

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