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Get Laid off, Run toward your Passion, End up Starting a Company

Get Laid off, Run toward your Passion, End up Starting a Company

On January 20th 2019, I was 25 and was laid off for the second time.

I had just been given 60-days notice from my job. Following a major company merger, my entire division was cut after a spreadsheet level cost exercise deeming the overhead as redundant.

I had essentially 60-days on payroll to do whatever I wanted.

Travel is the obvious first inclination. And highly recommended by most friends.

Take up a new hobby.

Enjoy the time and relax.

Work out a lot.

Really anything besides start a company.

But I had a gut feeling that I stumbled upon 3 concentric circles colliding- my career, the market and social conditions were at a point where I genuinely believed putting up the upfront costs (all self-funded) for an eco-friendly cleaning alternative would (hopefully) yield a great impact and return.

Essentially, I decided to put into practice my passions that energized me far more than digital advertising. It is a scientific fact that our current plastic and chemical consumption is unsustainable for the world (re: Nat Geo, World Economic Forum, etc.). But making eco-friendly choices is currently either A. expensive B. inconvenient C. not “as good as the non-organic alternatives” or D. all of the above.

I wanted to solve for all of the above.

And believe I have, with Planet Pods.

35 days later and a few thousand dollars in the hole, Planet Pods launched.

It’s now been 56 days since I came up with the concept and I’ve been working harder than ever to get this into consumers hands.

The product is amazing. Packed with baking soda, citric acid, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils, and a bit of Mica powder, Planet Pods are a fun/better/different way to clean without plastic or chemical waste. Additionally, consumers have the opportunity to opt into eco-refills for zero waste cleaning (aka the pinnacle of sustainable consumption!).

It’s also insanely easy. All you do is activate the pod with a few drops of water and use a rag to scrub, deodorize, sanitize, bleach, and freshen up any surface in your kitchen or bathroom.

I would love for you all to help support my brave initiative. It has been a humbling/insane experience that I am beyond thrilled to have experienced.

Check out our products, here at

Any and all support for a small business means more to the small business owner than you could ever imagine. I tear up almost every time I see a new fan/supporter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Emilie Scott

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