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We're going to make cleaning your bathroom cool

We're going to make cleaning your bathroom cool

So the name Schitty's Co. is ironic and we know it.

Actually, I'll fully acknowledge right here and now that I'm totally opening to changing the name (pending that's what the audience wants). But naturally, we thought it was hilarious to "just call it shitty's" for a toilet bomb product. Side note: we decided to change the "branding" of toilet bomb because, unlike the cousin bath bomb, toilet bombs sound very threatening.

The irony is, it's a very dope product.

We started from a place of me being frustrated about having to trash a bunch of plastic bottles. I sought an alternative to not being so wasteful and realized quickly that I had to buy all the ingredients to make my own toothpaste. Truthfully, I'm not all that keen on cooking and adding cooking my cleaning products to the tab is a tall order.

We make it as convenient as possible.

Seriously, it is much easier to get your cleaning products delivered vs. having to forget about it every time you go to the grocery store. Eco-refills give you the option to refill at the frequency at which you clean. Some clean a lot, some don't clean as much. Choose your own adventure.

Also, you can use it for your toilet, sink, and tub.

Hopefully that saves you money. The multi-use purpose is arguably the best feature. Use a wet cloth to clean your tub, shower, or sink and use a toilet brush to scrub the toilet. 

On top of the great scent, multi-use functionality, beautiful earth pod coloring, etc. it'll make the environment better!

That's right, I am biased, IMO we have created the greatest product to ever challenge the unnecessary convention of cleaning with toxic chemicals. We use eco-friendly ingredients that enable you to clean without polluting indoor air or water. We're using a percentage of our profits to invest in beach clean ups and water conservation initiatives so that we can do what's good for the world.


Emilie Scott

(the one who created Schitty's Co.)

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